About Us

Who We Are

Prime Time Clocks is a small family owned business and was originally established in 1978. We moved to our current location in Ozark, AL in 1983. Prime Time Clocks primary purposes are the retail sales of clocks and fine watches along with the complete restoration of heirloom quality timepieces. Our inventory includes over 400 styles of watches made to suit a wide range of personal tastes. Our repairs include complete restoration of both mechanical and quartz clocks. If you have a large clock do not worry, we still make house calls. The repair of clocks is a unique process, time consuming and labor intensive. Great care is given to every minor detail. It is therefore a slow, but reliable service that restores your precious timepiece to complete working order.

What We Do

Servicing the clock…no one really knows who developed the first mechanical clock, but I am sure the new invention required servicing shortly after. All mechanics including clocks and watches need periodic maintenance. This task is to remove all old dry oils, lubricants, dust and other debris which is preventing proper function and increasing wear. To do this, we have to disassemble the clock and with help of special chemicals and ultrasonic cleaners wash all parts and removing foreign debris. Afterwards, we have to reassemble and lubricate the movement and then test for proper functions.